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Four simple tips to get some traction in Web Development

Nothing is impossible—at least in code

One of the best things about being new at anything is not knowing its limits. That is the exact reason why an expert’s skill might seem like magic at a subject you don’t have much knowledge in. Savor this awe, as it might dilute and transform once you begin to learn more about the subject. Think about the first time you experienced snow, sand, or flying. In each instance, when you first experienced it, the phenomena was filling your mind with sensations, ideas, and feelings.

The Team

VT Hacks V (2018). From left to right: Erin (photoshopped in), Galina, Saad, Jose.


V8 Engine

Source: Thibault Laurens


They should be A.C.I.D.

  • Atomic
  • Consistent
  • Incremental
  • Documented


Stashing un-indexed changes: git stash save --keep-index <name>

Commit Message

Structure should consist of a short summary (max 50 chars) and a longer description.

Trail of Commits

For new features, we can add commits that leave the app in a…

Jose Canahui

I like coding, philosophy, and coffee. 👋

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